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nonconsensual's Journal

A place for trangressive writing/art
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Ever noticed how hard it is to find a community that actually accepts anything?

Well, here it is.

This is a community for writers and artists who can't post their contrversial work anywhere else. Seriously, anything goes. We will accept: pedophilia, non-consesnual sex, incest, death, suicide, severe gore, anything. In whatever form you wish, be it art, fiction, essays, a true story (anonymous or not at the members' discretion). I would prefer 18 and above only, and I will refuse anyone I deem neccasary access to the community.

If you wish to join, I would rather recieve an email from you as well as the request, letting me know who you are.

Posts that the author wishes to remain anonymous will have to be mailed to the moderator. I will then post it without the author's name.

All writing can be submitted, and nothing will be deleted unless the moderator thinks it neccesary. We will not accept teen-angst death poems, for instance. Poems about death are fine, as long as it is well-worded, and the writer has a grasp on scheme and language.

All posts are to be friends only.

And that's about it.